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Sheffield Lower Don Valley Flood Defence Project

Monday, 24 June 2019

Sheffield Lower Don Valley Flood Defence Project

The Lower Don Valley is a critical economic area of Sheffield but was devastated during the flood in 2007 which caused hundreds of millions of pounds of damage and disruption to businesses and infrastructure.

Following the devastating flood of 2007 when Sheffield was crippled, Philip Wilbourn, CEO at PAI member Wilbourn & Co, rolled his sleeves up and got involved with Sheffield City Council business community and Sheffield Chamber of Commerce to support them in their endeavours by raising money to support the recovery of the Lower Don Valley. The case study is now live and can be found here: 


Philip Wilbourn and various other businesses have been involved in the Sheffield Lower Don Valley Flood Defence Project to improve flood protection which will see the installation of over 50 interventions along an 8km stretch of the River Don between the Wicker and the Blackburn Brook at the M1. The link below provides more detail;


The ‘close out’ meeting was last week and capital costs raised through business generation districts within the LDV have reached £21.5 million to implement a flood defence scheme for the Lower Don Valley. The result has been a triumph of innovation and outcome!